To understand and to be understood is our principle


I carry out simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for you within the scope of, among other things:

  • Business negotiations
  • Presentations and lectures
  • Seminars, congresses and conferences
  • Visits of delegations from abroad
  • Opening celebrations
  • Visits to trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Business trips

As a generally sworn interpreter I also work within the scope of:

  • Court hearings
  • Police questioning and interrogation
  • Visit monitoring in prisons
  • Notarial matters
  • Meetings with clients in lawyers' offices
  • Medical examinations and opinions
  • Psychological and psychotherapeutic conversations
  • Consulting and counselling talks
  • Matters involving dealing with the authorities

I would be pleased to support you in looking after your foreign guests from Iran and Turkey.
It goes without saying that I am also available for interpreting assignments abroad.