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Language training

A very long time passes until you finally have a command of a language at negotiation level. For this reason, many people do not even start learning a new language at all.
But time passes even if you don’t learn any language.

So make use of your time and learn Turkish, one of the most widely spoken languages in Germany.

I provide language courses for business clients in the following fields:

  • German at work for your foreign staff
  • General language Turkish lessons
  • Business Turkish for your profession
  • Language courses in Istanbul

German at work for your foreign staff
A modern, innovative company needs qualified staff. One of the most important qualifications is language. You have foreign staff with only little a smattering of German? Not being able to understand and to be understood in working life has a demotivating effect. Demotivated personnel has a crippling effect on a company. The ability to motivate your staff is characteristic of an efficient and innovative company.
With an in-house language course “German at work” which is aimed at the individual needs of your company, a lot has already been done.
The cost of training, further training and advanced training courses for your staff is not fruitless expense or money wasted, but an investment in your company’s human resources. In this way, your company becomes even more attractive for your staff, just as your staff does for your company.

Turkish lessons
You are just about to go on a trip to Turkey or you are shortly to start business negotiations with Turkish partners and wish you could speak Turkish?

Nothing is impossible. Naturally you have to remain realistic in this case. Even if after a language training course you will not be negotiating business deals in Turkish, with only a few words you can already earn great trust with your Turkish business associates. Language not only serves to ensure understanding, but it is also a medium that builds bridges. It is a sign of good will.
On request I can also offer language courses in Istanbul.

Business Turkish
You are planning to found a company in Turkey?
Your staff are working on a project in Turkey?
You are participating in an international fair in Istanbul?
Turkish business associates would like to visit your company in Germany?

There are many reasons to learn Turkish.

In my customized language training courses I enable you and your staff to communicate with foreign business partners on a business and private basis.

TurkPars aims the teaching at your company’s special needs.

Language courses in Istanbul
For several weeks a year I also offer language courses in the Cultural Capital of Istanbul and in fact in a quite uncomplicated way. You organize your flight and your accommodation at your own discretion, I organize lessons for you in the delightful old city centre of Istanbul. Right in the heart of Istanbul you are given competent teaching in Turkish. This does not have to remain a dream.

Make your dream come true. You only live once!