Growing with experience


My qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Social Services Administration - University of Bonn
  • Holder of a degree as a translator for Turkish and Persian - University of Bonn
  • Sworn court interpreter for Turkish and Persian
  • Sworn court translator for Turkish and Persian
  • First State Examination for prospective teachers of Turkish
  • Basic studies in Politics, Sociology and Islamic Science - University of Bonn
  • Six years' work experience - intercultural migration social work
  • Qualification as a German course teacher at the Goethe Institute, Munich
  • Experienced language lecturer in adult education
  • Experienced lecturer in the area of communication and conflict management
  • Regular stays in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul
  • Very good command of English

Academic work

  • Subject of the M.A. thesis: Migrants setting themselves up in business
  • Subject of the degree thesis: The development of marginal settlements in Turkey


  • BDÜ - The Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators
  • Aticom - The Specialist Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters