Knowledge is the only thing that grows when one shares it

Intercultural communication

Offers for companies:
Your company wants to establish business relations with Turkey or Iran?

There is no relationship without trust.

You have to get to know each other in order to be able to trust each other. Knowledge of history, religion, politics, language and culture of the respective country are indispensable for the creation of a stable basis of trust.

It is not seldom for a business negotiation to fail due to cultural misunderstandings.

This does not have to be the case.

Before your trip abroad or a meeting with your cooperation partners I would be pleased to offer you an intensive training course on Turkish or Iranian history and (corporate) culture.

In that way you can acquire the necessary intercultural competence that you need for optimum establishing of business relations with Turkish and Iranian business associates.

Your business associates will be impressed by your cultural knowledge and your intercultural competences.

Offers for non-profit organisations:
You operate in the fields of integration and migration and are looking for a female intercultural moderator, speaker or seminar leader for your event?

Then my address is exactly the right one!

Six years of educational occupation experience in a non-profit organisation in the field of intercultural migration-related social work have left a strong mark on me.

I know the realities of life of migrants. I would gladly like to pass this knowledge on.

True for us is what we perceive. Depending on the viewpoint from which we observe something, that can be very different.

I put the main emphasis not on the perception of the cultural differences, but on the things in common.

Understanding and being understood is my principle!